2022 Hunting for Bigfoot

Photos from Bigfoot are ready!

This year I have had numerous request for "outtakes". As some of you may know, our cameras shoot 5-10 frames per second, and we end up with lots of photos of every rider - but there just is not enough time to edit and upload all of these photos for presentation. We do our best to pull 3-5 of what we consider to be "the best", leaving the rest unedited. I now offer a $20 "outtakes" option where I will pull all of the photos (good, bad and ugly) for you, apply edits, and upload into an individual gallery for you to view. As an example, we had a team who achieved their "Century" ride at Bigfoot, so we were able to pull an additional 34 photos for consideration.

You will see the outtakes option offered on the website. To use the option, navigate to a photo of you and your horse that I can use as a reference photo, and the purchase the "outtakes" option. I will send you a link to your individual gallery as soon as it is ready.

Thank you!

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